Computer History

Our first computer was a Compaq computer (specifically, the SR1732IL). It was my brother, Garf (only nickname)’s computer, bought in 2006 (I forget which month and day, but, the 10th anniversary was celebrated earlier this year, before I started this blog). He played DROD (a puzzle game) and Re-Volt on that computer (after finding DROD:AE on a games collection CD) and also introduced those games to me. It had XP on it at that time. When I got a little bit older (2008) I took ownership of the computer and loved it a lot! From then onwards, I became interested in computers (and XP became my favorite Windows version). 😀 In 2008, Garf got his own computer, which came with Vista, which was then upgraded to 7 in 2009. When 7 and 8 were tried out on my computer, they ran slowly. I was forever on XP, but…

It was not forever a bed of roses (it used to be). I got my camera (Samsung PL120)… but then, my computer became slow a lot, and my hard drive started to give out, making evil clicking noises… and my computer would restart unexpectedly a lot… One fateful day, the computer wouldn’t boot; it would just say ‘Please insert proper boot device’. DUN DUN DUN! 😦 My mother took it to the repair shop and I was without it for a month, but then it was returned and all was well. 🙂 (Then Garf heard of Linux and we decided to try it out, so Garf installed Ubuntu and I preferred Linux Mint so we used that and loved it, using a virtual machine in VirtualBox for XP, while Garf dual-booted Mint with Windows 8 on his computer). A similar thing happened to my camera two times (one for screen messing up, another for lens not opening fully), and to that computer again another time… (I had to use a Linux Mint Live CD to use my computer) and then another time (had to use Lubuntu Live CD)!

Around that time (earlier this year), we got a HP laptop, installed Arch Linux easily and Windows 7 after a lot of AMD drivers hassle (the installation program didn’t work, for one), and the laptop’s what I’m using now to type this post! Yay! 😀 Now, Garf’s computer is a dual-boot of Windows 10 (crap on his computer, good on mine) and Xubuntu, while mine is a triple-boot of Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and Arch Linux XFCE 64-bit. We also have an external hard drive (Seagate) for backup, and a Windows XP virtual machine in VirtualBox once more, this time on the laptop! The End! 🙂


Transferring Troubles

As promised, here’s the post about transferring troubles.
We have a HP laptop and two Compaq-HP desktops (one for me and one for my brother), and I have a Samsung camera. The camera’s transfer cable (which is also the charging cable) has been worn out from lots of use, and now it has the ‘hairpin syndrome’ (where when connecting, you have to connect it just the right way and hold it in place, and if you move it an inch, it automatically disconnects). 😦
The issue actually started on December 2014! :O And the ‘best’ (worst) part? Even holding it in place doesn’t work now! It has gotten worse! My mother is planning to take it to the repair shop, but she doesn’t know when.
Anyway, Deepavali is coming soon (yes I live in South India, not telling where), so that’ll be exciting. The next post will be about the history of my computers! 🙂

Introducing… the puppies!

In this post, the puppies are introduced.

Odie Dog – Odie Dog is a male Lhasa Apso puppy, 2 months old. He and Pinkie love playing with the stick toy. Odie Dog loves to stick his tongue out like the cartoon dog he’s named after. 😉 😛 He also loves to slurp (lick) faces. 😉

Pinkie Pie – Pinkie Pie is a female Lhasa Apso puppy, 2 months old. Pinkie jumps around like the pony she’s named after 😉 and starts most of the fights (although Odie starts some fights too).

We don’t know who’s the more aggressive one, Odie or Pinkie. Pictures coming soon hopefully! (I have took many pictures with my camera but haven’t transferred them onto the computer yet due to problems with the transfer cable… More about that in the next post.)

First post!

The start… of a new Blog… Wait a minute, millions of blogs get started every day and nobody cares about the majority of ’em! 😉 If I actually find a decent web host for cheap (or free) and get to pay for it, then I’ll actually make a last post with a link to the other site, where you’ll find more content than what can be here (like more free software [not really by me], and more desktop themes for all Windows versions). BUT! I will not close down the blog if I get my own domain and domain name. 😀

What will be here are posts about life in the house and my puppies (basically an online version of my diary).

See you until the next post!