Transferring Troubles

As promised, here’s the post about transferring troubles.
We have a HP laptop and two Compaq-HP desktops (one for me and one for my brother), and I have a Samsung camera. The camera’s transfer cable (which is also the charging cable) has been worn out from lots of use, and now it has the ‘hairpin syndrome’ (where when connecting, you have to connect it just the right way and hold it in place, and if you move it an inch, it automatically disconnects). 😦
The issue actually started on December 2014! :O And the ‘best’ (worst) part? Even holding it in place doesn’t work now! It has gotten worse! My mother is planning to take it to the repair shop, but she doesn’t know when.
Anyway, Deepavali is coming soon (yes I live in South India, not telling where), so that’ll be exciting. The next post will be about the history of my computers! 🙂


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