The Mischievous Dogs

Pinkie and Odie are hilarious! Today, I remembered my mother giving Pinkie a paper for biting (but taking it away at the correct time) last month. Naively I suggested doing that now, this time sharing it with Odie too.  I gave them a paper for biting, but they TORE IT TO SHREDS before we could stop them. They were very fast. After realizing my mistake, me and mother scrambled to pick up all the pieces, but Odie and Pinkie tried to stop us every step of the way. First, when they started tearing it apart, we tried to pull it away but that made it worse, and saying No didn’t help. Second, Mother kept saying “There’s a piece over there!” but sometimes I couldn’t see it, and I scrambled around searching for it. Third, Odie got his own piece and Pinkie got hers, and THEY WERE TRYING TO EAT THE PIECES. Finally, they lost interest for a second and I grabbed them. It was a long and fun battle 😛

Also, Pinkie sometimes pulls Odie’s tail, and sometimes Odie pulls Pinkie’s tail, dragging them around.


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