Pinkie vs. the Bed and Me Online

Strangely, again Mother sent the camera to the repair shop, and again it came back, and still the transfer cable is not fixed!

But all’s not lost! 🙂 We’re planning to buy a card reader to put the card with the puppy videos in for transferring! Sorry again for still not putting up the promised photos…

Anyway, Pinkie has also learned to jump on the bed, but she doesn’t do it as much as Odie. And, no more ticks! It’s been a long time, so now we can safely declare the ticks eradicated! 😀

And I’ve been on the Finfin Forums and the Junior Adventures Network (OdieFinfun and OdieFreddi respectively; notice the trend? 😉 ). (I’ve also been on some other forums, but I don’t want to reveal them for various reasons… 😉 And they’re not bad reasons; I just need privacy 😉 it’s not XXX either :P).


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