Sadly no pics of my real puppies yet. 😦 (Because they have not been transferred to my computer) Hopefully in the next post 🙂

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Also, in December the puppies were given an old purple bowling ball (which also came with some bowling pins that the bottom has broken off of, but those were not given to the puppies), and also, for Christmas, a new green bone chewtoy! I also plan to take pictures of those, but they’ll be uploaded with the puppy pictures, hopefully in the next post (or if not, soon)!

More Ticks, and a New Fanpage!

Suddenly, more ticks have arrived! We thought there’d be no more ticks! Fortunately, Odie and Pinkie itch where the ticks are, so my mother can remove them easily.

Also, we looked at pictures of Maltese puppies, and Pinkie and Odie look similar, and since the breeder (don’t buy from breeders, if you can! 😉 Hopefully we got lucky) said the pups are Lhasa Apso cross, we think they might be actually Lhasa Apso/Maltese cross! 😀 Since Maltese only come in white (sometimes with tan patches)… 😉

Also, a new fanpage, this time about Re-Volt, has been released. 😀