Pseudo-video of the Lhasas

Here it is.

It’s not a video of our pups, but it’s a video of a dog who looks like our Lhasas. His name is Cotton, and his channel is quite new. It’s updated roughly monthly, not weekly (unlike what the channel banner says). I was searching for videos of Lhasa Apsos today, and I found this video and showed my family it.

Cotton looks almost exactly like our pups, but he has no markings. Our dogs have markings. Specifically, Pinkie has a big black marking covering her left (our right) half of her face (including ear), while Odie has black ears, two circles around his two eyes (the two circles don’t touch), a black spot on the forehead, an almost heart-shaped stripe around his back, and his butt is fully black (and half his back legs too, and half his tail also).

There are no direct pictures of our puppies because my brother is not transferring the pictures from his computer to mine, because he is lazy. ;P


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