In other news…

Pinkie and Odie are now 9 months old. 😀

Ruby, the 2 month old German (actually Indian) Spitz pup, is a vacuum cleaner. She likes to collect dust from around the house and try to chew on it. We have never failed so far at catching Ruby dust-mouthed. 😉 😛 She also loves to bite a lot, but that’s just because she’s teething, so it’s normal. We have been dissuading her from biting our hands (and other not allowed objects) though. Also, toilet training has been difficult; she keeps peeing in the cage (which is the same cage as Odie and Pinkie’s cage, but since Pinkie and Odie, the twins, are almost always outside now, and we don’t want to spend too much money…). Sometimes she pees in the right place though, so she’s making progress! 🙂 Also, Ruby plays tug-of-war sometimes with Odie and Pinkie.

I prefer WordPress over Wix. While Wix is still great (mostly for its customizing features), one problem is that you can’t open new tabs while using Wix sites. Instead, you have to click on a menu button and the page goes to a new page. You can’t middle-click, or right-click and click on Open New Tab, on these buttons. Also, the editor is a bit too laggy to use often, and I had overlaying issues with the logo since I had to make a separate background for the logo and sometimes the text wouldn’t show in front of the separate orange background.

See ya for now! 🙂


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