Recent Events

Odie and Pinkie demand more belly rubs nowadays. Ruby has gotten all three of her vaccinations. Pinkie and Odie are 10 months old, while Ruby’s 3 months old. Today, Ruby got her third vaccination (and made a fuss over it, of course 😉 ). Odie, Pinkie, and Ruby played tug-of-war yesterday and today.

Today, something amazing happened. You see, Ruby pup tried very hard to jump on the bed on her own, and it’s good that she couldn’t since she could hurt herself if she jumped down (in fact, when we put her on the bed yesterday, she jumped down and landed on her back. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt, but still). But, today, when Ruby saw the white ball, she tried again, but this time, Ruby did it! 😀 She jumped on the bed, and chewed the ball. I put her down from the bed, but she jumped again when she saw the ball. It wasn’t easy, but she did it. Then, when Mum came, she tried to make Ruby jump and she did! After a while, at least. 😉 She even jumped down right this time!

Well, so long for now! But wait, there’s more… 😉

Game Recommendation #2

This time, we have two games!

Caravel Games’s DROD (Deadly Rooms of Death) is a fun puzzle game series (actually, the World’s Best Puzzle Game Series). It is turn-based, so you can think as long as you want about how to solve puzzles. You kill monsters with your Really Big Sword, and while that’s the primary thing, it’s not the only thing you have to do (since this is a puzzle game series after all!). The games (all of them after DROD: Architect’s Edition, the first one I ever played, which is free without a demo, but I haven’t tested whether it works in Windows 7 yet) have level editors, and demos, but don’t worry, the only things missing from the demos are the other styles in the level editor, and since you can download custom styles, put them in the demos, and they’ll work fine, it’s not a big deal. There’s also only part of the main hold (sets of levels) included in the demos, but again, custom holds are available online, and they work just fine (rhyme) in the demo versions. There’s only some music available in the demo, but you can put your own in your holds. CaravelNet is also missing from the demo versions. CaravelNet allows you to share, rate, and upload holds directly from the game (kind of like downloading addons, like karts and races, directly from the game in Super Tux Kart). I don’t really need it myself, though. 🙂 DROD:AE (Architect’s Edition) has been distributed in many free game compilation CDs (that’s how we got our version of it). Anyway, there are many elements to the game other than just monsters. Check it out here.

The second game is Re-Volt, developed by Acclaim Entertainment and released in 1999. I made a huge fanpage about it that you should check out here. It’s a cool, awesome racing game. 😀



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