Odie and Pinkie’s Birthday

Odie and Pinkie were born two years ago on this day and were bought home in September of 2016. This blog was started in October 2016, just a month after they were bought home! Once I get the Ruby pictures on my computer,, a photo album shall be put on this site showing the growth of the cute puppers. 🙂


Odie hasn’t changed; in fact, he slurps more than before! Wow! 😛

Pinkie also likes to slurp more often.

Ruby was born on March 1, 2017 and bought home on April 2017. She still looks very cute and likes to play with many clothes.

Odie and Pinkie like kisses on the head, while Ruby doesn’t mind much unless it’s done too much, in which case she growls and bites.

The pups (and me) ate birthday cake on this day.

Bonus! 😀

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Forums And Their Types: A Revisit

Reason for Revisit: Tapatalk replaced Invisionfree and boards were forced to change to Tapatalk if the owner was inactive. Tapatalk doesn’t look good and mobile compatibility is less than poor.

If the owner is active (like the Gang of Five forums [a Land Before Time forum; I’m active on there as RubberDucky]), the option was given to change to Zetaboards instead of Invisionfree, but sometimes that epically fails (check this thread for that saga) so they move to self-hosted custom forums instead.

Zetaboards looks better but the Gang Of Five admin decided to move to self-hosted forums instead as they are far more reliable. Yay! 😉 🙂