Pinkie’s New Puppies

Pinkie Pie has given birth to a little litter of 4 small cute puppies! 😀 Pictures coming before the end of December. Their names are Apple, Brownie, Orange and Lemon (all with the last name of Pie!).

Female Apple is the rowdiest of the bunch, male Brownie is brown and white and he’s the second rowdiest, male Lemon is the second smallest good boy, and male Orange is dark brown and white and is the smallest good boy. Orange and Lemon, and Apple and Brownie, are best friends. Apple and Lemon are black and white, like their parents.

In other news, I celebrated my birthday by buying a birthday dragon (dragon born on November 8) on Flight Rising, and got into Harvest Moon this month. 😀

Edited this post on Wed, Dec 18, 2019 (corrected who’s the smallest [originally Lemon, whoops] and when the pics will be coming [originally Dec 7], added who’s best friends with who as well as their colors [Brownie’s definitely not the only brown and white pup! 😉 Corrected that], and didn’t update their names because those were their names at the time).