Pups and File-Sharing Sites

The puppies are growing! They like to play quite rambunctiously 😛 Pics coming this month. The pups were introduced to my room last month and love playing in it. Lemon and Apple also did some work on the computer 😛 Ruby’s post about her tug-of-war rules coming up next 😉

As for file-sharing sites… Welp, I can’t completely recommend MEGA (browser) anymore as it’s ‘infinitely decrypting’. 😉 Luckily all the files are backed up (and I’d highly recommend you back your files up anyway), and all the files are still available for download, but I had trouble uploading the Odie’s Ocean Desktop Theme originally for this reason. Luckily though, I was able to upload it to Mediafire instead. I recommend using multiple file-hosting sites along with multiple backups for this reason.

I really want to upload the theme to MEGA as well though, since that’s where everything else is stored so far, so if anyone has any fixes, tell me in the comments below! 🙂