About Me

Hi, I’m Odie. I’m a 14 year old female from India. 😛 I’m basically like D.W. from Arthur, (but not as bad 😉 ) except more ‘going with the flow’ and patient if I have something to think about while waiting.

My favourite animals are HORSES, donkeys, elephants, tapirs, and doggies! I love ALL animals (including their babies!). (Exceptions are mosquitoes, ticks, botflies, & fleas.) My favourite food is the banana, my favorite color is pink, and some of my favourite TV shows are My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Garfield and Friends, and Arthur. My favorite game genres are open world, racing, and simulation.

I have a laptop which has a triple-boot of 64-bit Arch Linux (a Linux distribution), 32-bit Windows 7, and 32-bit Windows 10. I’m a vegan (RARELY drinks milk, otherwise a vegan). I have three dogs (you can read about them on this blog [rhyme]) named Odie, Pinkie, (the Lhasa Apso twins, 10 months old) and Ruby (Indian Spitz, 3 months old).

You can find me at many forums. To look for me, most of the time I have Odie in my name, sometimes Pinkie, sometimes none of those. One of my accounts has Ruby in the name. I’m keeping them secret for now because I have many accounts on many forums, but I’m on Junior Adventures Network, Them’s Fightin’ Herds Forums, Neopets (odie200211’s my main account, I have 4 working side accounts, one of them is half-dead since I put a PIN everywhere on it and forgot the PIN, so…), Icepets, Personality Cafe, Super Mario Boards, Caravel DROD Forums (the “both Odie and Pinkie” variant), etc.