After Dark Screensavers

Flying Toasters. Fish. Bad Dog. You Bet Your Head. Do these ring a bell?

After Dark is a series of screensavers released by Berkeley Systems in 1989 for Mac and 1991 for Windows. It is sort of well-known but not many people use screensavers nowadays. (I’m one of them, for screensavers use up energy and it’s better to standby/suspend or turn off your computer when not using it; I just like to ‘watch’ them sometimes 😉 ). There were many After Dark ‘spinoffs’ in its heyday featuring famous cartoons, TV shows, movies, and more screensavers (The Simpsons, Looney Tunes, Star Trek, Disney, to name a few). The most famous modules were Flying Toasters and Starry Night (the default). There were also After Dark Games.

My favorite ones are Bad Dog, Flying Toasters (duh! 😉 also because of The Brave Little Toaster 😉 ), Fish, and You Bet Your Head (an interactive trivia game show). They are hard to get nowadays since they’re rare, so much so that even I had trouble finding ’em! Finally I found them here (Mediafire link). Click there and download ’em all!

Alternate/other links are here (, After Dark Complete Collection Unorganized), here ( 2, After Dark Archive), here ( 3, After Dark 4.0), here ( 4, After Dark Games), and here (WinWorldPC, After Dark 4.0). (After Dark Games is also available at MyAbandonware and IsoZone.)

Note: There’s no guarantee these’ll work on Vista and above. To be safe, dig out that old XP or 2000 computer! 😉 (or use a virtual machine, XP/95 recommended, link to premade virtual machines of them which work with Virtualbox, which is what I use.)

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