Pax Galaxia

Pax Galaxia is a cool PC game based on Risk. Its name comes from Pax Romana (Roman peace). In this game, you send ships to stars that have different powers to help your army. Your aim is to conquer the other territories.

It’s one of the games my brother played as a kid. It has an editor and multiplayer, and it works perfectly fine in Wine (rhyme) and newer Windows systems. It’s not free, but the link to the demo is broken, so… (You can find the demo somewhere, just Google it. Hopefully later we can upload the newest version of the demo on this site which is 1.15.1, since we haven’t found that one on the net nowadays. You can find cracks also, but please support the developer even if he’s dead! ;P).

Somebody else made a spiritual successor to it called Starlink (2013), so that’s cool (even though Starlink doesn’t have an editor since the person got busy on other games like Windward and Project 5: Sightseer).

Download link for an old version.

Some other Forgotten Old ’90s PC Games: (I dabble in ’em. 😉 )

Re-Volt (link is to my huge article on it)

Stay Tooned! (link to an LP of it; it’s really weird, which is a good thing since I love weird stuff, and I was born in the very early 2000s so it was never in my childhood; Reader Rabbit and Cluefinders 6th Grade were though)

Toonstruck (released on Steam though, so not forgotten; link is to PushingUpRoses’s review of it, which I watched; there’s also a Longplay of it)

Elroy Goes Bugzerk (1995) (see above; made by Headbone Interactive; it seems cool except for having to start over when you make a mistake; link is to an LP)

Elroy Hits the Pavement (1996) (the just as awesome sequel; made by Headbone Interactive too; link is to an LP made by the same guy as the above LP, Slasher331)

and most of the CDs in my collection. (List will be in Articles section rhyme).


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