Puppy Images

Apple, Tigger, Lemon and Honey (aka the HALT gang) are cute 4 month old pups who, right now, are mostly copies of Pinkie (Apple), Odie (Tigger), and Ruby (Honey). Lemon is (maybe) like his dad, Sugar. The puppies, being pups, are more prone to biting than the adults.

The small puppies were given a ball to play with, but the ball was thoroughly bruised after just a few minutes! 😛

Ruby loves to play Tug-of-War with me with her two pink ribbons. Her variation on the game is called David and Goliath, since she (David) always wins against me (Goliath) even though I’m bigger!

Along with Puppy Images, we also have Ruby Images, as well as a bonus image that can be redistributed on other sites, but only with credit (putting ‘By Odie’ anywhere on the same page the picture is on will suffice, but you can also put ‘By Odie Dog’ or ‘By Odie Dog at Odie’s Ocean‘ instead). For the puppy images and Ruby images, you don’t have to give credit when redistributing on other sites.

The Ruby and Honey images will be put in this post on Apr 22 (Earth Day’s 50th anniversary :D).

Apple (both of her face patches are brown!)
Full body view of Apple
Tigger (named after the Winnie-the-Pooh character)
sheep at the beach by odie
Bonus Image: Sheep at the Beach by Odie Dog

Also, here’s a bonus video of me playing Half-Life: Alyx.


Pups and File-Sharing Sites

The puppies are growing! They like to play quite rambunctiously 😛 Pics coming this month. The pups were introduced to my room last month and love playing in it. Lemon and Apple also did some work on the computer 😛 Ruby’s post about her tug-of-war rules coming up next 😉

As for file-sharing sites… Welp, I can’t completely recommend MEGA (browser) anymore as it’s ‘infinitely decrypting’. 😉 Luckily all the files are backed up (and I’d highly recommend you back your files up anyway), and all the files are still available for download, but I had trouble uploading the Odie’s Ocean Desktop Theme originally for this reason. Luckily though, I was able to upload it to Mediafire instead. I recommend using multiple file-hosting sites along with multiple backups for this reason.

I really want to upload the theme to MEGA as well though, since that’s where everything else is stored so far, so if anyone has any fixes, tell me in the comments below! 🙂

The Cute Puppies’ Descriptions

Apple, Lemon, Tigger and Honey are really cute 1 month old pups. They’ve recently gotten some cool new toys, such as my old teether, Odie, Pinkie and Ruby’s old teether, and one of Ruby’s tug-of-war ropes (she still has the other one).

I really want to put pics of them on my website, but my brother is too busy to transfer the pics from the phone to the computer, and I vastly prefer using the computer to edit my site instead of the phone…

In the meantime, I’ll describe their appearance, but not too in-depth as I would really like those pics up on the site before the end of the month. Apple is black and white and her face is shaped sort of like a cross between an apple and Pinkie.  She has black patches kinda like Odie’s on her body. Tigger’s face is shaped just like Odie, and he is medium brown and white. He has a patch of brown on his chin. Honey is dark brown and white, and his face patches are sort of like Odie’s, but his patches are uneven, making him look cuter. And finally, Lemon is black and white, and his face is fully black except for a small white patch on his forehead.

Funnily enough, the dad is a Tibetan Terrier named Sugar, not Odie, since Odie is Pinkie’s brother. 😛

I’ll leave you with a list of my favorite movies I’ve watched in 2019 (I watched a lot more, but these are my faves):

  • Disney Fairies movies
  • All Pixar movies (up to TS4)
  • Lilo & Stitch (and all sequels)
  • The Lego Movie
  • Wreck-It Ralph

Pinkie’s Playful Puppies

Pinkie Pie’s pups have been exploring more often recently. They’re now almost 1 month old! 😀 They love to play with each other (playfighting, biting each others’ tails, batting at everything, etc.), too. When Apple Pie (named for her apple-shaped head) looks at Mom’s face, she barks at her, but not at me when she looks at my face 😛 (In fact, she actually attempts to lick my face! 😛 )

Also, their names have been changed twice!

The first time their names got changed was this:

Orange -> Honey (because Honey’s dark brown)

The second time their names got changed was this:

Brownie -> Tiger (cooler name)

Honey -> Brownie

Lemon -> Honey :O

Hopefully, the names won’t be changed anymore.

Photos coming very soon 😉 (already have a photo of Brownie!).

Also, I corrected a few things in the previous post about Pinkie’s puppies. I encourage you to check out the corrections 🙂

Pinkie’s New Puppies

Pinkie Pie has given birth to a little litter of 4 small cute puppies! 😀 Pictures coming before the end of December. Their names are Apple, Brownie, Orange and Lemon (all with the last name of Pie!).

Female Apple is the rowdiest of the bunch, male Brownie is brown and white and he’s the second rowdiest, male Lemon is the second smallest good boy, and male Orange is dark brown and white and is the smallest good boy. Orange and Lemon, and Apple and Brownie, are best friends. Apple and Lemon are black and white, like their parents.

In other news, I celebrated my birthday by buying a birthday dragon (dragon born on November 8) on Flight Rising, and got into Harvest Moon this month. 😀

Edited this post on Wed, Dec 18, 2019 (corrected who’s the smallest [originally Lemon, whoops] and when the pics will be coming [originally Dec 7], added who’s best friends with who as well as their colors [Brownie’s definitely not the only brown and white pup! 😉 Corrected that], and didn’t update their names because those were their names at the time).

Ruby’s Birthday and the Dogs’ Personalities

Ruby was born on March 1, 2017. Happy birthday, Ruby! She is now 2 years old.

Ruby vastly prefers going into the cage on her own instead of being lifted and put into the cage. She loves playing with her pink and yellow rubber bands.

Ruby is strong-willed and Odie is a soft cute teddy bear who guards the house with his huge bark along with Pinkie who is affectionate but competitive.

About Ruby images…  Many things have happened that have prevented us from uploading the images here (first onto my computer and then here), but hopefully they’ll be released in April or May.

Also, I’ll be uploading something special soon to my MEGA (and/or YouTube?) account… 😉 (hint: ____er Rabbit)

Odie and Pinkie’s Birthday

Odie and Pinkie were born two years ago on this day and were bought home in September of 2016. This blog was started in October 2016, just a month after they were bought home! Once I get the Ruby pictures on my computer,, a photo album shall be put on this site showing the growth of the cute puppers. 🙂


Odie hasn’t changed; in fact, he slurps more than before! Wow! 😛

Pinkie also likes to slurp more often.

Ruby was born on March 1, 2017 and bought home on April 2017. She still looks very cute and likes to play with many clothes.

Odie and Pinkie like kisses on the head, while Ruby doesn’t mind much unless it’s done too much, in which case she growls and bites.

The pups (and me) ate birthday cake on this day.

Bonus! 😀

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The Dogs’ Reactions to Laughing

When my brother or I laugh really hard, Odie goes crazy and tries to pounce on us and scratch us, so much that he has to be lifted to calm down. Ruby doesn’t care, while Pinkie goes a little less crazy (thankfully).

Odie and Pinkie love to lick me all over, while Ruby sometimes licks our hands, and very rarely licks our face.