Pups and File-Sharing Sites

The puppies are growing! They like to play quite rambunctiously 😛 Pics coming this month. The pups were introduced to my room last month and love playing in it. Lemon and Apple also did some work on the computer 😛 Ruby’s post about her tug-of-war rules coming up next 😉

As for file-sharing sites… Welp, I can’t completely recommend MEGA (browser) anymore as it’s ‘infinitely decrypting’. 😉 Luckily all the files are backed up (and I’d highly recommend you back your files up anyway), and all the files are still available for download, but I had trouble uploading the Odie’s Ocean Desktop Theme originally for this reason. Luckily though, I was able to upload it to Mediafire instead. I recommend using multiple file-hosting sites along with multiple backups for this reason.

I really want to upload the theme to MEGA as well though, since that’s where everything else is stored so far, so if anyone has any fixes, tell me in the comments below! 🙂

The Cute Puppies’ Descriptions

Apple, Lemon, Tigger and Honey are really cute 1 month old pups. They’ve recently gotten some cool new toys, such as my old teether, Odie, Pinkie and Ruby’s old teether, and one of Ruby’s tug-of-war ropes (she still has the other one).

I really want to put pics of them on my website, but my brother is too busy to transfer the pics from the phone to the computer, and I vastly prefer using the computer to edit my site instead of the phone…

In the meantime, I’ll describe their appearance, but not too in-depth as I would really like those pics up on the site before the end of the month. Apple is black and white and her face is shaped sort of like a cross between an apple and Pinkie.  She has black patches kinda like Odie’s on her body. Tigger’s face is shaped just like Odie, and he is medium brown and white. He has a patch of brown on his chin. Honey is dark brown and white, and his face patches are sort of like Odie’s, but his patches are uneven, making him look cuter. And finally, Lemon is black and white, and his face is fully black except for a small white patch on his forehead.

Funnily enough, the dad is a Tibetan Terrier named Sugar, not Odie, since Odie is Pinkie’s brother. 😛

I’ll leave you with a list of my favorite movies I’ve watched in 2019 (I watched a lot more, but these are my faves):

  • Disney Fairies movies
  • All Pixar movies (up to TS4)
  • Lilo & Stitch (and all sequels)
  • The Lego Movie
  • Wreck-It Ralph

2016 visitors

There are now 2016 visitors to my blog as I type this 😛

This is a small blog entry, just to say that and the fact that before the end of this month, there will be a new blog post about Pinkie’s pups’ names being changed for the absolute final time, as well as them finally being introduced to my room 😀 It’ll also be about Ruby. Stay tuned for said blog post! 😀

Pinkie’s Playful Puppies

Pinkie Pie’s pups have been exploring more often recently. They’re now almost 1 month old! 😀 They love to play with each other (playfighting, biting each others’ tails, batting at everything, etc.), too. When Apple Pie (named for her apple-shaped head) looks at Mom’s face, she barks at her, but not at me when she looks at my face 😛 (In fact, she actually attempts to lick my face! 😛 )

Also, their names have been changed twice!

The first time their names got changed was this:

Orange -> Honey (because Honey’s dark brown)

The second time their names got changed was this:

Brownie -> Tiger (cooler name)

Honey -> Brownie

Lemon -> Honey :O

Hopefully, the names won’t be changed anymore.

Photos coming very soon 😉 (already have a photo of Brownie!).

Also, I corrected a few things in the previous post about Pinkie’s puppies. I encourage you to check out the corrections 🙂

Ruby’s Birthday and the Dogs’ Personalities

Ruby was born on March 1, 2017. Happy birthday, Ruby! She is now 2 years old.

Ruby vastly prefers going into the cage on her own instead of being lifted and put into the cage. She loves playing with her pink and yellow rubber bands.

Ruby is strong-willed and Odie is a soft cute teddy bear who guards the house with his huge bark along with Pinkie who is affectionate but competitive.

About Ruby images…  Many things have happened that have prevented us from uploading the images here (first onto my computer and then here), but hopefully they’ll be released in April or May.

Also, I’ll be uploading something special soon to my MEGA (and/or YouTube?) account… 😉 (hint: ____er Rabbit)

Forums And Their Types: A Revisit

Reason for Revisit: Tapatalk replaced Invisionfree and boards were forced to change to Tapatalk if the owner was inactive. Tapatalk doesn’t look good and mobile compatibility is less than poor.

If the owner is active (like the Gang of Five forums [a Land Before Time forum; I’m active on there as RubberDucky]), the option was given to change to Zetaboards instead of Invisionfree, but sometimes that epically fails (check this thread for that saga) so they move to self-hosted custom forums instead.

Zetaboards looks better but the Gang Of Five admin decided to move to self-hosted forums instead as they are far more reliable. Yay! 😉 🙂

Forums And Their Types

vBulletin: Seems to be the worst (keyword is seems), since I tried to get an account on both Caverns of Blood Forums and Dreamviews Forums, and both have the same problem. When I enter my account info, it says the usual stuff, (no need for account verification though, which is good because… since it’s offtopic, see below), but then when I try to customize my profile and save changes, it says Permission denied, even when I log back out and log in again! But in the case of Dreamviews, it actually said Time-out when I tried to customize my profile after I clicked on Edit Profile (since the account name was there even though it said Permission denied), and logging out and logging back in worked! And, in Dreamviews, when I try to change my profile picture to something that is lower than the maximum amount, it says “Unable to save picture”. Don’t use vBulletin if you know what’s good for you.

ProBoards: Seems to be the best one so far (keyword is seems 😉 ), since you can create your own avatar using Flash, or choose your own, and there aren’t any problems that I experienced with it! The only problem is that it requires account verification. Proboards is used by the RKC Petz Forums. Even the search works somewhat well. The only problem I had was user error 😉

Invisionfree: See ProBoards (‘cept the user error part 😉 ). Some of the forums that use this are Re-Volt Live and Our Re-Volt Pub.

Forumotion: Also good. See ProBoards (again, other than the user error part 😉 ). Its advantage is that you can view forum profiles while being a guest. I forgot whether ProBoards allows you to do that, but the other two certainly don’t 😉 Junior Adventures Network and the Slums of Elwood Forums use this.

Custom Forums: Of course, the real winner is Custom Forums (if possible). If you make your own forums, you have full control over how to make something work, and when people complain about bugs, they can complain to you and you can fix it, unlike the others which are third-party.

Simple Chat: There are many chat services, but one has closed down and it was the one that hosted the Furb-o-Vision chat, so… 😉 Not the best option unless you maintain your site regularly and do backups of the chat. I know about Cbox, but I’m sure there are others that you might want to check out. I think simple chat is the best one if it works well, since you don’t have to sign up and you can talk about anything you like. It also is easy to implement. The only problem is you can’t search for a topic you talked about previously without going through pages and pages of archives.

So, simple chat and custom forums seem to win! Second is Forumotion, third is Proboards, third is Invisionfree, and fourth is vBulletin.

Don’t know about WordPress, though. Maybe custom WordPress allows chat? 😮 (Or you can just comment 😉 )

Oh BTW, since some of these forums don’t allow you to search without logging in (or don’t allow you to type less than 3 letters in you search query, or their search is generally bad), type this into Google: search query you want to type site:site you want to search in (no space; you can type dedoimedo.com, http://www.dedoimedo.com, http://dedoimedo.com, or even x.com/rubberducky/pink/! 😉 ). Example: windows xp site:dedoimedo.com.

(Offtopic Edit on Aug 4, 2017: Here’s why no account verification is good: At the time of writing this post, my Yahoo e-mail account wasn’t accessible since when I clicked Sign in, it said Server Error, try again later.  A few days later, it somehow worked again and I could sign in, but my point still stands; but I do understand why account verification is there; it’s to prevent spam along with CAPTCHA.)