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Finfin is a virtual pet game developed by Fujitsu Interactive and released in 1996 about a dolphin-bird called Finfin. (Finfins are actually a species, but you get your own Finfin in the game πŸ˜‰ ). You interact with him, and depending on your interaction (good or bad) he will either sing songs and do acrobatics for you (without teaching! πŸ˜‰ ), or sulk in his Nest. Yes, he has a nest. It’s only available in the 6-world version (explanation in next paragraph, basically full version) but, in it Finnina/Finnia, Finfin’s wife, incubates an egg (even though they are mammals), and out comes a Finfin-Junior.

There are 4 versions of it (the 6-world version is only available in Japan): 3-world, 4-world, 5-world, and 6-world. There are 6 worlds in total, and only 3 of them were available in the 3-world version, 4 of them available in the 4-world version, and so on. The worlds have many unique animals and plants.

The 6 Worlds

Amile Forest – The place where you start off. You’ll be here often, talking to Finfin and giving him Lemos (fruits that you can change his colors with, more details in next section).

Lemo Valley – There are a lot of Lemos here which Finfin can eat. You can also play the drums here by pressing the spacebar; if you do so creatures will come out and sing and dance! (Like a Snuffy.)

Tsubu Woods – Finfin flies around and eats Tsubu Nuts here. You call also call Finfin by using the whistle (also works in Amile Forest).

Secret Inlet – One of my favorite places in the game, at the Secret Inlet, Finfin swims, catches fish, and plays with his friend, the Piki Seal, and greets his wife, Finnina. He comes here to relax, so you can’t talk to him or use the whistle here. (Well you can, but you shouldn’t if you don’t want to annoy or scare him.)

Rem River Bank – Also one of my favorite places. Finfin dives in the water and/or catches a fish, and greets Finnina here too. There’s also the Dante Fish, who tries to catch Finfin but he never does, ever! πŸ˜‰

Finfin’s Nest – And finally, the nest is where Finnina lays an egg, and Finfin-Junior hatches and lives. Rarely, he might eat the poisonous Lemodoki (or Elmodoki) and die 😦 But otherwise, he grows up after learning how to swim and fly, and flies away from the nest πŸ™‚


Lemos can be used to change Finfin’s color. The method is: you feed Finfin four Lemos of the same color (there are green, orange, yellow and pink lemos; the red lemo resets and stops the color changing process) in the duration of 10 minutes. After some time (10 minutes?), you feed him four Lemos of the same color in 10 minutes again, totally 3 times (3 levels) until you reach Level 3 (fully colored). The color stays until the next full moon or new moon. (Finfin is a real-time game…)

To not have to go through the 12 lemos, wait for the next new moon and then feed him four Lemos in 10 minutes, and he sings a song and reaches Level 3 instantly… πŸ™‚ But it only lasts for a day.

Full moon days:
01/19 02/16 03/15 04/12 05/10 06/07 07/05
08/02 08/30* 09/27 10/25 11/22 12/20
* FinFin becomes normal at 19:50 because of the double lunar eclipse

A special Lemo is the Blue Lemo. Basically, the Lemopackage gets rotten after 30 days (you can refresh it, though) and if you feed Finfin one very old Lemo (eww!), he changes color after 1-2 minutes and he is blue only for 1-2 hours. You can also cheat and enter codes to change Finfin’s color instantly on any day, but this makes Finfin’s friendship meter (accesible by opening the bioscan) go lower. (Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater! πŸ˜‰ ) I’m not giving the codes away due to this πŸ˜‰ since, they’re at the following site…

There are also special events, plants, creatures, and more in this detailed game. For documentation on all of these, (and a download of the 6-world version!), go to the unofficial Finfin fansite! (Note: The site is in English and German, and the German boards on the Finfin forums have more topics than the English boards.)

Old Edit: Arcor has closed down, unofficial Finfin fansite has moved to

Edited once again on Dec 10, 2017 (mentioned the 6-world version only being available in Japan; mentioned its availability at the site above; mentioned dancing and singing creatures at Lemo Valley).

Edited once more on June 8, 2018 (changed hatches to incubates; added links to Snuffy and Piki Seal).


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