List of not very well known sites I like to visit.

  • Neopets – Remember this site? 😉 Actually, it’s well known, but since it’s falling apart, not many people come to visit it anymore. Vent on the Neoboards! 😉
  • Icepets – slowly growing, friendly community! 🙂
  • Lisaviolet’s Diary – life of a literal crazy cat lady. 😉 (Both cats and lady are crazy)
  • Finfin fansite – It’s a game about a cute dolphin/parrot animal who you can talk to using either the keyboard or a special microphone (SmartSensor) that came with it when it was sold in stores in the ’90s. It’s very old and I’m not sure if it works with Windows 7, but I’ll test and hopefully it will work! (Edit: IT WORKS! Simply download finfinv90seger from the Finfin-Archiv. 😀 ) Some parts of this site are in German. (I also made a Finfin fanpage (not plagarizing! 😉 ) And a Finfin subreddit).
  • Friv – Forever free fun fames- er, games. 😉
  • 11points – Funny lists.
  • Huki’s site – RVGL’s developer’s other site other than the RVGL site. 😉
  • Arauz – The page I’m linking to contains some cool demos of Edmark educational games! 😀 The only corrupted download is Jungle Chess, so if you came here for that, go somewhere else. Other than that, some of these demos I played as a young kid (10 years old), so… 😉
  • Classic Reload – Play DOS and Windows 3.1 games online! While you can play DOS games on also, you can play both DOS & Windows 3.1 games here! My recommendations: Zoombinis’ Logical Journey (it’s the deluxe version, with hints and tips included!), Gahan Wilson’s Ultimate Haunted House (a sort of puzzle game), Lemmings (shame on you if you don’t know what it is), Hexxagon (also available as a flash game online), and many more! 😉
  • Caverns of Hope – An Ecco the Dolphin fansite. Rarely updated though. (In fact, as of March 11, 2017, it’s been inactive for literally a year now, and then some! 😉 ).
  • Caverns of Blood – Not to be confused with the previous site 😛 It’s a rarely updated Halloween site (at the time this is typed it’s close to Halloween), and the forums aren’t active much. (For people looking to try to revitalize the forums by posting a bit, don’t bother (unless you’re patient?). I tried signing up as PinkamenaDianePie, 😉 and even though I signed up, there was no activation email (there was an email which said, ‘welcome to the forums’, but that was it), and it acted like I wasn’t logged in even if I was. Accounts are probably activated by a human, so probably a dead one (ghost) 😉 ).
  • Planetarium – It’s an interactive story with puzzles about a girl and mathemagician who travel through time, made by Beholder, and it’s cool. 😀 Basically, you sign up for it (no need for an e-mail! 😀 ) and part one is shown for you, and the other parts are shown for you over the course of a few weeks. We did the whole thing THREE TIMES already; it’s beautiful. See it now! NOW! 😛
  • Dwindle – Another work from Beholder. About a woolly mountain tapir (they’re endangered). See it now! NOW! 😉 Also, captive tapirs like bananas… 😉 (Bananas are my favorite food, so… 😉 ).
  • – The site for Them’s Fightin’ Herds, a fighting game with ungulates (sadly no tapirs 😦 😉 ).
  • Arthur Out of Context – A tumblr blog with funny Arthur pictures and more. 😉
  • Adopt a Furby – Inactive, but THE recommended places to visit are the Furb-o-Vision chat (at Channel 2 and Channel 0 to post) and the forums (both of which are still active to this day; I post there too)! (Edit: Furb-o-Vision chat might be dead… 😦 We’ll see though 🙂 Edit: Furb-o-Vision chat is extinct 😦 😉 So, only forums).
  • Superkids Software Reviews – Reviews of old kids software. Also inactive. Old kids software is the best! (A Reader Rabbit and ClueFinders fan am I.)
  • Toasty Tech – Yes, I know this site’s from the ’90s (literally!) but, it’s still updated (although very infrequently) so… (Of course, some stuff is out of date, but it’s fun to read!) Also, some stuff was removed way back then, so check out the Internet Archive version for those.
  • MDGX – Provides ways to tweak Windows. Is up-to-date. Probably well known.
  • East of the Web – A story site. You can comment on the stories. Has very, VERY high standards for publishing stories. Also has word games and interactive stories (mostly art games).
  • – A children’s story site. Has high standards for publishing stories, but does help you tweak them if they feel it has untapped potential.
  • – Another children’s story site. I don’t know if it accepts every single story sent to it by e-mail, but much of the stories have bad grammar and spelling, even though they are good in other ways.
  • Dedoimedo – Well-known, I bet. Has reviews and articles on technology and life.
  • – A ’90s kids site with programs, games, desktop critters, website critters, and desktop themes. (OUTDATED: Is actually being updated now, but all the older games and stuff are gone, so check out the Internet Archive version for those.) Edit: They brought the old site back! Strange… Originally it was a WordPress-like site with only some Christmas stuff, and the first post was about Billy Bear wanting to remake the site for the new generation.  Thank God they didn’t 😉 Since they didn’t have to! I think… 😉
  • – A great kids site! Subscription is not mandatory, but has exclusive stuff… Still, I enjoyed this site while I was younger without having to subscribe. 🙂
  • BlackDog – The Site for Kids! Some of the links are dead since this site is inactive, but still a great kids’ site! 🙂 (Here’s the link for the Vanishing Princess story and the link for the Ninja who went to the Jungle story (Wayback Machine FTW!). The Princess story has ponies in it (DW? 😉 ), and the Ninja story has the Yello Dello in it (please get the reference; if you don’t, google the Yello Dello), so I approve of both. 😉 ).
  • Starfall – Awesome kids site 1! 😉 (recommended: reading section 😉 ).
  • UpToTen – Awesome kids site 2! 😉 (Boowa and Kwala… 😉 ). (Note: Prime example of HTML5 done wrong though, at least on my computer. Doesn’t seem to load well 😦 At first it loads then it disappears… Try emailing them if you see troubles…)
  • Meddybemps – Awesome kids site 3! 😉 Contains stories and flash games.
  • Asynjur’s Home by the Sea – Only her Twitter’s active. Has website critters too! 😉 😀
  • Bunnyhero Labs – Inactive, but the place for flash pets to be! 😉
  • The Cave of Dragonflies – Awesome Pokemon site. Lots of info and fun, still active. 😀
  • Rinkworks – A site with lots of fun stuff. Has the famous Computer Stupidities, so you might know about it already, but check out the other stuff too! 😉
  • Microprizes – Has fun Java(script?) games. My favorites are the painting ones. You can actually cheat at the Ping-Pong Ball game if you know the URL for the goldfish, so I won’t tell ya 😉 Edit: I changed my mind. I keep forgetting the URL, and your guilt (and your conscience) will compensate for clicking the following link, 😉 so here it is: 😀 Goldfish. Or, if you don’t want to hover over (or click or tap) the link, but still are a cheater at heart, think of Wingoldfish, and shorten it in many ways (no spaces), or think of wings and the letter F. 😉 (Tip for shortening: Out with the old fish? 😉 ). You can also google for Microprizes goldfish, it’ll actually show the URL (so maybe it’s not cheating? 😉 )! Edit: Firefox dropped support for Java, so, use an older version, the ESR version of Firefox, IE, or something. 😉
  • – Anybody remember this ’90s site? Has info about frogs. Inactive.
  • Froggyville – Anybody remember this ’90s site? Has info about frogs, and a virtual pet frog (recommended!). Inactive.
  • Michele’s Frog World – Anybody remember this ’90s site? Has info about frogs. Inactive.
  • Froggy Memories – Related to above 😉 (as in, it’s literally PART of above 😉 ). It’s actually about an old radio and TV show called the Buster Brown Show. I don’t know if many people have heard of it; more likely than not, they have not. If you wanna hear of it, click there! If you don’t, you don’t have to!
  • Michele’s World – Main site containing the two above links.
  • Sandra Loosemore’s Froggy Page – Anybody remember this ’90s site? Has info about frogs. Inactive. (Guess why all of them have the same description 😉 ).
  • Jake the Wonder Dog – (NSFW, 18+) Doesn’t have blood (okay maybe a TINY bit…), but does have toilet jokes and sex MENTIONS (not actual thing)… 😛 Though private parts are shown on screen… 😛 Anyway, funny cartoons! lol Mother and me love them!
  • Otaku Avatar Maker – Part of a set of avatar makers. Very good. 🙂
  • Larry Ewing’s Tux page – Has Tux graphics for all your Tux needs. 😉 (Tux as in the Linux penguin, not the shirt. 😛 )
  • Movie Mistakes – Info about goofs, mistakes, errors and more in various movies. 😀
  • – A guy’s site, has jokes, poems and a blog.
  • Echalk – Has fun flash educational games.
  • DLTK – Has fun crafts to make. (Fun fact: The name comes from the four people who made the site: a woman and her kids.)
  • – Fun kids site, sister site of DLTK.
  • Krazydad – Has puzzles, mazes, and also fun non-games.

That’s all! But will be updated. Last updated on May 18, 2017. Page created in late Nov 2016. Previous updates in Feb 2017, March 10 & 11, 2017, and May 12 & 13, 2017.

Removed club penguin and the “IS CLOSING DOWN IN MARCH 2017. O_O GO THERE NOW! PLEASE? ;)” part. Try a Club Penguin Private Server instead. The ones I use are Club Penguin Rewritten (not to be confused with Toontown Rewritten 😉 ), and, but there’s also (rhyme, z with me)

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