Home Sweet Home

Hi, I’m Odie. Ruff ruff woof! Welcome to my Ocean of Fun – where you can get information about my (and possibly your) favorite shows and games (mostly games), and read about Odie, Pinkie (1 year and 4 months old Lhasa Apsoes or Coton de Tulears), and Ruby (9 months old Indian Spitz)’s adventures! 😀

This site is firstly a personal dog blog, 😉 although with some articles and fanpages. Its secondary purpose is to make people aware of various obscure media in the vast ‘ocean’ of life. 😉

Check out my other site too, Gamefun at Wix.

Newest Updates: (top’s newest)

Dec 10, 2017: Updated the ages of the dogs, edited the About Me page, made some edits to most of the pages around the site, and a new blog post! 😀

Nov 25, 2017: Changed the tagline’s first word from We to I since I’m the only one maintaining the site! Also, Goatlings is a cool virtual goat site. 😉

Nov 3, 2017: Happy (late) Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday. 🙂 Edited the About Me page, updated the dogs’ ages, and added a new link. The site has now passed 1 year! It’s doing decently. 🙂

Sep 29, 2017: New blog post, and added a new link; also updated ze About Me page. (Odd trend in the update dates lately… 😉 ).

Sep 18, 2017: Added more links and a new blog post about Ruby, and edited the Petz Fanpage and the sidebar extensively. 😉

Aug 28, 2017: Updated the pups’ ages in the sidebar, finally! Added some new links, of course. 😉 Also edited the featured post of Ruby.

Aug 18, 2017: Happy Birthday to the Lhasas! New blog post.

Aug 15, 2017: Happy Independence Day, Indians! 😉 Also, added two new links.

Aug 12, 2017: Added the After Dark and Johnny Castaway links (got interrupted yesterday before I could).

Aug 11, 2017: Updated the After Dark Screensavers page; changed its name to After Dark and Johnny Castaway.

Aug 7, 2017: Added new links. (Lots of links! 😉 ). Also made a header for the newest updates here! (Should’ve done that a long time ago. 😉 ).

Aug 5, 2017: Added new links and edited this page, updating the dogs’ ages, clarifying that Odie and Pinkie are not Lhasa Apso/Coton de Tulear crosses, 😉 and making two sentences into one. 😉 Also, changed tagline, (don’t worry, original tagline is still here, on this page. 😉 ) and changed ‘certain obscure media’ to ‘various obscure media’. Edited various pages too, enabling comments on some and simply editing some. For instance, I edited the Petz fanpage.

Aug 4, 2017: Added new links, edited the Links page, and edited the Babar Fanpage so that its review is in a separate page. Edited the review too. Now it’s actually a Babar subsite instead. 😛

July 31, 2017: Updated the Re-Volt page on Re-Volt’s birthday. 😉

July 14, 22, 25, & 29, 2017: Added a lot of new links. 😉

July 12, 2017: Edited the Links page.

July 5, 2017: Edited the Links page, and added a new link.

June 30, 2017: Added new links. Did you know: Most of the links in my Links page are important. (For example, they are a campaign, or they are stuff you can help with, or they have obscure stuff, or they’re obscure, etc.)

June 27, 2017: Edited the Widgets sidebar, and added something to the Re-Volt Fanpage. 😉

June 26, 2017 (2:46 PM, 13 days later): Added “(mostly games)” to this page. A short blog post too.

June 13, 2017 (2:30 AM): Updated the ages on this page, and a new blog post.

May 31, 2017: Banner and font changed, a few modifications to the second paragraph of this page (I switched the main and secondary purposes of this site, since I felt it was more of a doghouse than a software museum, 😉 although that part will still be emphasized), and added the breeds and ages of the pups to the sidebar.

May 29, 2017: Some minor changes a few days ago, and today, updated the homepage.

May 19, 2017: New links added, two new posts added, and a new Aside added (the first one). Some changes to the sidebar.

May 12 and 13, 2017: New links added, a new blog post, added some new articles to the menu, and changed the Share text to new text. 😉 (Now I’m updating more often… 😉 )

May 9, 2017: (Lol, I didn’t intend to only update every month… 😉 😛 ). Pax Galaxia article added. Also, new blog post, with another pseudo-video 😉 of Odie and Pinkie (none for Ruby yet though…).

April 30, 2017: Removed “/Maltese cross? Lowchen/Lhasa?” from this page, and a few additions to this page and the “Everything is Temporary” article. Also a new post about Ruby! 😀 (And yes I know about April Fools, but didn’t plan my prank for this site in advance…)

March 27, 2017: What the heck are Odie and Pinkie’s breeds? New blog post tomorrow (not! 😉 ).

Feb 13, 2017: New blog post, new article, fixed some links, added new links.

Jan 3, 2017: Changed the theme to a more fun and fitting one. (rhyme lol 😛 )

Oct-Dec 2016: Started Odie’s Ocean and wrote some blog posts and pages.


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